Innovations to enhance the operations and income of beef farms

The following approach is focused on beef production as an example, with the underlying principles able to be tailored to match the various farming options that are available to farmer’s e.g. specie-specific livestock farming, grains, cereals and animal feed-crops production, vines and tree-crop cultivation, environment permitting ‘mixed’ farming, etc.

In the specific case of beef production, the success of the operation is founded on prudent selection of the breed and pedigree of the chosen animal supported by the availability of healthy, sound, nutritious feed and water.

The model that has been developed by AgriBusiness Links is based on developing the beef operation as an integrated production process beginning with breeding and rearing the livestock to the point of slaughter, conversion of the slaughter stock to ‘beef’ (full spectrum of products) with, in the final stage, presenting the ‘home-grown products’ as shelf-ready items to serve the specific requirements of the end-user.

AgriBusiness Links is in the position of being able to offer:

  • a full range of services by professionally qualified persons, including veterinarians and engineers of every relevant discipline,

  • tractors, implements and all farm machinery for primary production of crops,

  • abattoirs and processing machines for meat and meat products manufacture,

  • recovery and treatment of processing wastewater discharge, sewage and solid organic wastes and

  • handling and safe disposal of dangerous infective materials.

Operations are scalable and designs are developed to suit Client requirements ranging from e.g. 5 (Five) cattle per day up to 50 (Fifty) units per hour per 8.0hr shift; being fully compliant with relevant

S A legislation and as may be required for compliance with the Client-specified target-market Country (Neighbouring States, UK, EU, Middle East, Far East, etc.)

This example is equally applicable to poultry, fish and game in which the enhanced income generated by the vertically integrated operation permeates down to the grass-roots primary production elements.

Various structures of inter-business relationships have also been developed and would form a part of what AgriBusiness Links can offer its Clients - THE FARMERS