Grizzly Wood Chippers

Grizzly 250 1.jpg

Grizzly Wood Chippers, 3 point link version, come in two sizes:

Grizzly Wood chippers come standard with:

  • 3 year warranty

  • Forward / Reverse/ Emergency stop functionality

  • Hydraulic feed rollers

  • Double edged knives for double the longevity

  • Simplified Intellifeed control system

Timber Talon Log Grapples

Log grapples Come with the following specifications:

  • 270 degree Boom Swing Range

  • 360 degree Hydraulic Rotation

  • 5 Stick control with Swivel

  • Hydraulic Stabilizers


Skidding Winches

Features include:

  • Choker Chains

  • Keyhole Sliders

  • Remote Control Option for Winch

  • Brake and Clutch

  • PTO Shaft Shear-bolt Protection

  • Tow Bar and Trailer Hitch

LX115 (002).jpg

Log Trailers

Log trailers features include:

  • Walking beam axle

  • Offroad Tyres

  • Self Centering Bunk Posts

FX140 (002).jpg

Rhino Band Saw